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 Star Wars - Empire At War

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Star Wars - Empire At War
Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54
Press ~ to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following
codes to activate the cheat function. Note: An alternate way to display
the cheat console is to hold [Shift] + [Tab].
Code Result
CHEAT_Empire_Spawn_Fett - Spawn Boba Fett
CHEAT_Empire_Spawn_Veers - Spawn Colonel Veers
CHEAT_Empire_Spawn_Vader - Spawn Darth Vader
CHEAT_Empire_Spawn_Emperor - Spawn The Emperor

Easy money:
Submitted by: conner54
Conquer or capture all the planets except for the mission planet. Then,
fortify the planets around your mission planet. Once this is done, set
the game to fast forward and allow it to run. Check on it occasionally
to make sure you have not been attacked. After awhile, check your cash
flow. If you like it, resume normal play and complete the scenario. If
not, just wait and let your money build.

Conquer all the space over all the planets the put 1 unit over all of the
ememy planets then sell all your building on every planet and build mining
facilitys on all your planets.
Note: I only tryed skirmish i don`t know about multi player.

Custom ship names:
Note: This procedure involves editing game files; create a backup copy of the
files before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the .txt files that to ships
in the "\lucasarts\star wars empire at war\gamedata\data" directory. Examples
of the files are "acclamator_assault_ship.txt", "alliance_assault_frigate.txt",
"broadside_class_cruiser.txt", etc. Open these files with a text editor and add
a name. The name will eventually be created in game once the location in the
list is reached.

Galactic Conquest mode:
Build a large space fleet and also have large ground fleet. Move around capturing
planets. If playing as the Empire, try to attack Hoth because Mon Mothma is
probably there. If playing as the Rebels, go for Coruscant.

Recommended Empire space fleet:
You must build, to conquer space, as many Accumulator Assult Ships and Victory
Star Destroyers as you can afford. You can also use some Imperial Star Destroyers
and possibly a Interdictor Star Destroyer. Now that you have your space forces,
focus on your infantry. You may need to wait for more income because of all the
space forces, but when you get enough, buy some of the first two things you can
(for example, Storm Troopers or Scout Troopers), then a few tanks.
Note: This will also work for Galactic Conquest.

Recommended Rebel space fleet:
Build at as many places as you can, X-Wings for space and Infantry Platoons or
Plex Soldiers for land. Because X-Wings have such a high fire rate, they will
have no trouble ripping apart pesky enemies. When the space battle is over, take
the ground with your forces. It may also help to have some T2-B Tank squadrons).
With the Plex(s) as high defensive and your platoon(s) doing the rest,
you should win quickly. Note: This will also work for Galactic Conquest.

Secret - when battling on the campaign:
Make sure ur space fleet is strong there is one point on the rebels were u
neeed a strong fleet i had a strong fleet but it wasn't nearly has strong has
it should have been the empire have star destroyers and more smaller ship and
alot of them 2.

Rebel Artillary on Alderan:
Buy 1-3 sets of Artillery (rebels, fires rockets, ya know.) depending on your
difficulty setting on the quick skimish battles.
On alderan the is a valley connecting the two teams. Set most or all of your
artillery on the two cliffs on each side on the valley. Put their spotter droids
in the middle to get your sight. You also can put soldiers and other vehicles in
the middle for sight too. Then after its secure then take the base on the other
side of the valley. Move most or all of your troops there. Then when you have
enough money lay an assault on their base (they'll have a sheild generator).
Then when you destroy the generators show them what y-wings can do and BOMB 'EM!
Your artillery should also help destroy the buildings. Remember to keep your
artillery far away so the can destroy oncoming threats before they get close.
Note: Rebels artillery is good on most land maps so far.

Easy Death Star Use:
During a Galactic Conquest game while playing as the Empire, bring the Death
Star in range of any Rebel or neutral planet. The Death Star should be in its
own fleet, with no other units. When the Death Star arrives and the message
appears asking you how you wish to proceed with the resulting space conflict,
click "Auto-Resolve". You should win the battle automatically, usually with
no enemy unit losses other than the Space Station. When you return to the
galactic map screen, drag the Death Star into the "Destroy Planet" slot on
its current location. The planet will instantly be eliminated, without it
being necessary to engage in a land conflict or sending in a space force to
eliminate orbital Rebel forces. DO NOT try to use this trick on a planet
occupied by Red Squadron, otherwise you will automatically lose the game.
This also doesn't work on the planet Bespin, because Bespin is immune to
the Death Star's super-laser.

Tech level:
Make sure that u have a STRONG space station on each of your planets because the
empire will build a fleet of acclamators and tarten patrol cruisers about a fleet
of 20 and 14 or more. I recommend that u use a mon calmeri ships or and assault
ship 2 take them down.

Winning a losing battle:
Never give up fighting. You might just win even if the enemy destroys your base.
If in space use your ships to attack the enemy Rebel Space use ur X-wings, and
Y-wings (A-wings too) to attack the enemies bigger ships they are somewhat weak
against the smal fighters since their big laser can't seem to hit your ships
(even works on bosses) Rebel Land hide your troops then come out and suddenly
attack then run away,or even better build turrets and lead your enemy towards
the turrets(not recommended for the long distant enemy or AT-ATs).
Empire space use your tartan patrol cruiser to attack small fighters anduse any
ships that you get to attack the enemies bigger slower moving ships. Empire land
hide your troops or build turrets then attack using method mentioned above.

Be Aware of the enemy fleets:
If you are ON the rebels the Empire will mostly have tartan patrol cruisers,
missleship(forgot the name) and Acclamtors. If u are on the Empire the enemy will
mostly have X-wings, Y-wings, correllian corvette, coreelian gunships, A-wings and
sometimes the big ship thing (not the moncalamari cruiser the other long looking
And the Pirates will usually have their big ships, and alot of smaller ships, and
even their medium ship(equivalent to the tartan patrolcruiser,or corellian corvette).

Death Star Fun:
Submitted by: Pavle
In galactic conquest if you are Empire and if you have the Death Star you can watch
a little movie.If you are on hostile planet or neutral planet controlled by pirates
you have to wait 90 seconds to activate he Death Star.You click the pad and the Death
Star will be activated.There you will see the destruction of the planet but the space
station will still be there.You should click not Auto resolve but the other thing.
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