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Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit 2
Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Gareth Homewood
To use these cheats you need to apply them as command line paremeters.
Just run the game in this way (edit game's shortcut):
C:\Program Files\Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2\NfsHS.exe +[parameter]
Notice, that the "+" sign is necessary!
Code Result
ghost - Your car is transparent for other cars (real pain for cops:).
opentree - Allowes you to enter locked evens in event trees! (and no trainers
needed: )
nofrustration - Disables annoying confirmations.
nomovie - Disables movie demos.
nomusic - Turns music off.
nosnd - Turns off sound FX.
noreverb - Turns off reverbration.
nofrontend - Menu is turned off - like a demo mode.
nomipmap - Disables mipmapping.
noparticles - Probably turns off particle animations.
minfront - Turns on VERY stupid main menu.
helicoptersOnly - Cops seems to use only the helicopter backup against you.
screenshots - Probably allows to take screens (seems not to be working).

Submitted by: Aman.K.Gupta
open NFSHP2\tracks\track.ini.
To access all tracks in beginner mode change
trackDescrip=kTxtintermediate/advanced to trackDescrip=kTxtBeginner.
changing following strings wil give you all tracks for $10
eg: m_price[0]=10

Money Cheat:
Submitted by: Jaco
To purchase cars at a cheap price ($10 each), open up the cars.ini file in your
CARS folder (from the main NFSHP2 game folder) using Notepad.
Change the following lines:
price =10

Submitted by: amilauduwerella
Go to the "NEED FOR SPEED HOT PURSUIT 2" folder. Then in to the "Cars" folder
Open the file named Cars.ini [Save it as another file (Cars default or something)]
Then you can see some thing like this, (but not only a one)
** price=80000 **
** nfsprice=160000 **
Change the "price" and "nfsprice" as you want.
Then you will be able to by FERRARI F50, as you gave it.
[do it to all the 23 cars If you like]

Change car price:
Submitted by: Blade
Open cars.ini file in your <game dir>\Cars folder using Notepad and make
the following modification:
price =10
Now, you'll be able to buy all the cars for $10.

Submitted by:
Cheap chars:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy
of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "cars.ini"
file in the "cars" sub-folder in the game directory. Change the values
after the "price=" and "nfsprice=" lines to "10". You can now buy all
cars for $10 each.

Faster cars:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of
the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "cars.ini" file
in the "cars" sub-folder in the game directory. Change the "mass=" value
to "100" for a faster car.

Dodge Viper GTS:
Get 2 million points to unlock the NFS edition of the Dodge Viper GTS.

Lamborghini Murcielago:
Get 3 million points to unlock the NFS edition of the Lamborghini Murcielago.

Extra points:
If you see a police car ahead, ram it to get him to chase you. Lose the police
car and you will get extra points for a hit-and-run. Look for the dirt road
shortcuts to lose the police and get ahead of other drivers.
Choose be the police in Hot Pursuit mode. You will get 25,000 points each time
you complete one mini-mission.
Start You're The Cop mode in single player under the beginner difficulty setting.
Select either the Crown Victoria or the BMW M5 (the opponents are easier to catch).
Then, go to National Forest and catch the fourth and third cars. On the last two,
hit the third one to make him lose control, then arrest the first place car.
Immediately catch the second player that you forced to lose control to minimize
the time to around 138, if done quickly enough. The procedure is quick but easy,
giving you over 25,000 points if you throw in a couple of jumps. Then, restart
and do it again.

Ferrari F50:
Lead a single race, full grid, advanced, for eight laps to unlock the NFS edition
of the Ferrari F50.

Lamborgini Diablo 6.0 VT:
Get 2.5 million points to unlock the NFS edition of the Lamborghini Diablo.

McLaren F1:
Get 4 million points to unlock the NFS edition of the McLaren F1.

McLaren F1 LM:
Get 5 million points or win the World Championship to unlock the NFS edition of
the McLaren F1 LM.

Mercedes CLK GTR:
Get 4.5 million points to unlock the NFS edition of the Mercedes CLK GTR.

Porsche Carrera GT:
Get 3.5 million points to unlock the NFS edition of the Porsche Carrera GT.

Dodge Viper GTS:
Get 2 million points to unlock the NFS edition of the Dodge Viper GTS.

Lamborghini Murcielago:
Get 3 million points to unlock the NFS edition of the Lamborghini Murcielago.

Faster cars:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the
file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "cars.ini" file in the
"cars" sub-folder in the game directory. Change the "mass=" value to "100"
for a faster car.
Open the folder of a powerful car, such as the F1, F50, etc. Copy the "car.ini"
file from here and paste it over the original "car.ini" file of a slower car in
its own folder (for example, the Elise). This instantly gives that car the speed
and handling characteristics of the better vehicle. Note: Back up the original
"car.ini" file of the slower car in the event that you want to revert it back
to its standard settings.

Cheap Cars & Tracks:
Open the cars.ini file in the Game's CARS folder using notepad and change these lines
For cheap tracks open tracks.ini in the TRACKS folder and change all lines starting
with m_price to look similar to this

Free money:
To gain extra money you must first have not bought too many tracks. End the game
if it is not already closed. Go to the location of your file. Usually it is stored
under C:\program files\EAGames\Hot Pursuit 2. Next go into the file called tracks.
In this folder you should find a text file called tracks, open it. If you scroll
down you will notice that all of the tracks are grouped in an organized order.
you should notice three or four numbers with some of them being different and
some of them the same. All of these numbers should be in the thousands. Change
all of these numbers to a negative number such as -60000. You may wish to change
all the numbers for each track to a negative number. Exit the program clicking
YES to save. Start the game and buy a couple of tracks, when you buy them the
computer will end up paying you money. You will know if you have done the program
correctly if the computer says the track costs -60000. Also you can switch the
track to backward!

Submitted by: Branbo
your cheat was very helpful, I am not a gamer but my 6 year old grandson is,
It worked fine with these mod's. change car price to price=0, nfsprice=0.
change track price to m_price= just put a "-" in front of exesting price.
Then start game using desktop shortcut and you will find all cars and tracks
are open plus you get credited the cost of the track. enjoy

At first go to the directory where you have installed the game . There you
will find a folder named [cars].Open it .Here you will find a file named
[cars.ini]. It is usually a read only file.ringht click on it ,go to it's
property ,erase the tick on read only. Now open it with a text editor like -
notepad. Here you will find the cars are in a serial way. named [car0] ,
[car1], [car2] in this way. Here you will find two line for all cars.They
are price= and nfsprice= ,all car have some value for these lines such as
name =911t
mfrname =kTxtPORSCHE
class =3
traffic =false
price =0
nfsprice =5000
for all the cars make the lines just as
price = -999999
nfsprice= -999999
Then save the file and make the file read only again as the same way you
erased the tick for read only ,make it tick again.Now play the game and goto
single a unlocked track then press next to choice
you can buy every car .as more you buy cars the more you will earn money !!
after buying a car you will have enough money to buy all the tracks .

Hack Out Cars and Tracks:
Submitted by: MR MAN
NOTE - The following will alter your game files. It is highly suggested
that you make a back-up copy of your files before you alter them beyond
all recognition.
You can unlock all the cars and tracks by reducing the price of locked
cars/tracks to either 0 or a very low value. To do this, simply use
notepad to edit the cars.ini file in the following directory:
C:\Program Files\EA Games\Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2\Edit Cars\
You can do the same for the Tracks.ini file in the directory
C:\Program Files\EA Games\Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2\Edit Cars\tracks\
When you reload the game you can see the results.

Submitted by: Aatish Pathak from India.
It is about, unlock the cars and tracks. the cheat is
1. Go in the program files and found the folder "E A Sports"
2. there is one folder name "need speed hot pursuit2"go in this folder
3. there we found two folders name "cars and tracks"
4. suppose we want to unlock the cars, than we go in the cars folder, there
you found "*.txt" folder (name "cars").This folder open in the notepad.
You found a huge written text there. In this text you found description
about the cars e.g (car 0)(car1)some thing like that, in every description
you see the ame,mfrname,displayname,class,traffic,price,
we go there is price=10000 and nfsprice=10000 some thing like that you only
have to remove the numbers of all cars.
And now enjoy the game
5.Same way are apply on the tracks DRAWBACKS

Submitted by: Kiriti Guha Roy
First open the "NFS" Folder, then go to the "Tracks.ini", there you
will find a sub-folder " tracks".
Edit it with a text editor.
Change the "m_price[0]",m_price[1]",m_price[2]","m_price[3]" :-to "10".
ie. all the tracks price will change to 10$. ENJOY !!
finality speed in one car:
Submitted by: mohammad hadi lotfi
go to> program files>Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2>cars>in directory cars>
open car.ini and change in part [basic]
only changing (Mass=xxxx) to down (Mass=800.0).

Submitted by: Satyajeet Kulkarni
I bet this is the best cheat in this edition of NFS. The result will make
every gamer and car lover laugh. This invovles some editing work.Open your
NFS folder, then open cars folder.Open the folder of car you want to edit.
For eg-'elise'.It will have many subfolders. Again there will be a folder
named car,[car_hp is the nfs version of the car and car_cop is obviosly the
cop version].You can edit any version. {But be sure to drive that version}.
In the car folder you will actually see that EA has written that tuning
of the car is possible.Select the matter from to
FinalGearRatio=x.xx.Delete it. Don't close that folder.Then open any other
car folder for eg-'f1lm',copy that car's
toFinalGearRatio=x.xx. in the initial car's folder. Close the folder
accepting the canges.This literally means you change the engine of the car.
[Backup the initial car's folder if you want to drive the original car].
This has unbelievable results .How about this,the elise which goes only till
200kmph was clocked 345kmph by me.Don't change any other matter.Because that
can damage the graphic settings and programming of the car.Write to me if
you enjoy this cheat. You can create your own car by this.Any person knowing
about tuning can make their own creation ,for eg-a Holden with clk-gtr
performance.Imagine and ENJOY!!!!!!

Lots of MONEY:
Submitted by: Anup S Ranadive
Open (NFSHP2\FrontEnd\Championship.ini)
C:\Program Files\EA Games\Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2\FrontEnd\Championship.ini
Change the price against "m_reward[0]=150" to the amount of your choice
e.g. m_reward[0]=1500
{0 stands for BRONZE[3rd place], 1 for SILVER[2nd] and 2 for GOLD[1st]}
Make similar kind of changes in-->
NFSHP2\FrontEnd\HotPersuit.ini & NFSHP2\FrontEnd\Top Cop.ini
Change all these prices to get a handsome reward!!

Cheating with TIME:
Submitted by: Anup S Ranadive
Open NFSHP2\FrontEnd\Championship.ini
Change all the values of m_lapTime to the values of your choice
e.g m_lapTime[0]=500
The values(500,400,300) indicate minutes.
i.e setting m_lapTime[2]=300 will set the time limit for winning GOLD to
5 minutes!!!!!!!
i.e you can easily win GOLD at TimeTrial events.

Cheating with LAPS:
Submitted by: Anup S Ranadive
Bored of playing 2,3 or 4 laps for a single race??
Well with this cheat you can change no. of laps to 1
Open NFSHP2\FrontEnd\Championship.ini
Change all the values of m_numlaps i.e m_numLaps[1]=1
You will be required to play only "1 Lap" for each race!!
m_numLaps[2], m_numLaps[3], m_numLaps[4] indicates that it is a four race event
2,3,4 indicate race number
i.e when no. of races > 1 some where it will be written as
m_numRaces=4 or m_numRaces=3 or m_numRaces=2.

Easy Win Champship:
Submitted by: :Anchal Mittal
Go to the directory -
C:\Program Files\EA Games\Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2
\FrontEnd\Championship.ini see there something like
this= m_AvailableCarList[0]=clkgtr (or any other name)
change it to the= m_AvailableCarList[0]=f50 (or any other
name from the cars folder) for the fastest car in the game
to win the championship.
Also change the value from
m_reward[0]=3000 to m_reward[0]=100000
m_reward[1]=60000 to m_reward[0]=200000
m_reward[2]=150000 to m_reward[0]=400000
When you will win the championship you will get a reward of 400000.

Submitted by Sumit
E-Mail I.D

Go to the installed folder of NEED FOR SPEED HOT PURSUIT 2 installed folder in your
system then go to the folder named Tracks (e.g:--C:\Program Files\EA Games\Need For
Speed Hot Pursuit 2\tracks) ,you can see a file named Tracks.ini. In the file the
names of the Tracks and their corresponding informations are given. In the given
informations the price of the Tracks will also be given. You can change the value
to zero(0) or any other desired lower value, and ENJOY the thrill of the game by
UNLOCKING the EXOTIC Tracks of your choice in the game for no value at all!
[ NOTE :-- After changing the value of the tracks you must save the file (tracks.ini)
with the same name & in the same folder(i.e.You have to overwrite the file tracks.ini)]

Go to the installed folder of NEED FOR SPEED HOT PURSUIT 2 in your system then go to
the folder named Front end (e.g:--C:\Program Files\EA Games\Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
2\FrontEnd), you can see a file named Championship.ini.In this file you get the
informations about the events in the game.In that you find a line written as
IN THAT EVENT).You just change the name of that car with the name of the car of
your choice,then restart the game.You find the new car in place of the old car!

Go to the installed folder of NEED FOR SPEED HOT PURSUIT 2 in your system then go
to the folder named Front end (e.g:--C:\Program Files\EA Games\Need For Speed Hot
Pursuit 2\FrontEnd), you can see a file named Championship.ini.In this file you get
the informations about the events in the game.In that you find a line written as:-
You can change the value of that reward with any desired value!

Submitted by: ravikanthrev\ddy
wanna hell full of money . try this... buddy
copy the tracks.ini and cars.ini file form ur cd to ur pc folders of
cars and tracks. first edit the the cost of tracks and cars .better put
cost of cars to a negative value (-999999..). when u unlock the track it
will give a goddamn amount .Also u will get NFS editions and u can go
with unlimited speeds...BEWARE.. dont go for very high amounts like 100
billions b'coz it will make all your money to negative value.
The designers set the account money only to a limeted extent . beyond
that amoutn ur money will become negative value....... Take care
feel the real hot pursuit with its NFS editions

Increasing the amount of Reward:
Submitted by: Kiriti Guha Roy
First go to the NFS Folder(the place where U have stored the main files
eg: C:\Program Files\EA Games\Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2)
Now open the FontEnd & then Championship.ini folder and Edit the ( "m_reward[0]=..."
to what ever amount U want; maybe 100 or 1,00,000
m_reward[2]=1,00,000 First Place
m_reward[1]=50,000 Second Place
m_reward[0]=10,000 Third Place
Enjoy Buddy ! Go Wild !>>

Submitted by: Ganesh S Kamath
Copy all the Files from the folder F1 or any other fastest cars(in Cars folder)
and paste them in any slow speed you can fly like them even if you select
slower cars.

Submitted by: Muneeb Ahsan
When you are going on road and cop is beside your car and go on wrong way you can
rid from the cop after some time.

Submitted by: jay mehendale
This is not a cheat but it works.when a cop starts chasing you, drive from the
oncoming traffic.the cop will not chase you but in some exceptional cases they
might chase you and you have a chance to crash them onto oncoming traffic. But
beware you too have a chance of crashing onto the oncoming traffic.

To win in chmapion ship and challanges in files search for car folder. Copy it to
where you have installed game then edit only carrer folder and change mass to 0.000
for all cars in championship race you will see that all cars become unstable and
you win easily.

Submitted by: sushil&nick
Right-click the nfs shortcut icon and select find target and select
the folder named "cars".select your favourite car's folder and open the notepad and
reduce the mass of the car.this will awesomely increase the speed of the car.

Submitted by: kushal
Go to the folder of installation then open cars folder in it open cars.ini file
using notepad and change the money as by keeping "-" minus symbol before the price.
Bby this you can earn more money so that you can buy more cars and unlock more
locations and tracksi too did it and gained lots of money enjoy the game.

Submitted by: BADSHAH
To purchase cars at a cheap price ($10 each), open up the cars.ini file in
your CARS folder (from the main NFSHP2 game folder) using Notepad.
Change the following lines:
price =10

Cheat: Car Edits
Open up the game's files and search for a file named Championship.ini.
PLEASE REMEMBER: Doing this may corrupt or ruin your game file or other
computer functions, so attempt this AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Open the Championship.ini file and search for the following:
Edit those lines with this:
Doing this will unlock more standard cars for you to drive than would
otherwise be immediately available.

Cheat: No Police Chases:
(Caution this cheat requires you to edit game files, create a copy of the file
before editing)this cheat enables you to race without the hassle of being chased
in any event. First go to the game directory and open the "AI" folder. Then open
the "AIChaseDefs" configuration. Once open, change all the numbers in these four
lines to say 0.
Once you have done that the police will only chase you for about 2 seconds.

Easy Money:
Submitted by: Nahiyan
At the main menu select single challenge and then select knockout lap and select
this options below
Difficulty- advance
and select the other options as you desire, then select the track and then select a
car, then play, don't worry if you lose, because, if you lose you will get $1500 and
if you win you will get $2000. You can repeat this as many times as you want.

CRASH A CAR (except for traffic)
If you want to crash a car (except for traffic) then do this 3 easy steps-
1.go near a car
2.hit the car's down-left/right side and
3.the car will CRASH!

To unlock cars:
Submitted by: sanjog
First go to the drive where u have installed games. In that folder cars n open it
then change file name cars to anything u or car and in that make the price "0" to all.
u wil c that u can unlock car without money
it doesn' work in few cars it'll so $2000 try it

Super Slow Traffic:
Firsy go to C:/Program files/Ea games/Need4speed Hp2/Ai/Airacers go to entiny13
and under entiny13 is should say Traffic and down a bit it should say speed=35
change it to 1.

Get All the Cars and Tracks:
Here is a simple code if u want all the cars and tracks. First go to my computer
and click on drive D or C (were ever u installed your game.) Then scroll down till
u see a folder called TRACKS. Click on it and then click on another file that say
tracks and u will see that every track is copied in a neat order. And u will see
the word (example:) m_prices(2)=30,000 just change that 30,000 into zero and when
u are done exit out and it will say do u want to save click yes. then exit out of
the file and the folder and look for a file called Cars and do the same thing click
on it and click on another file called cars. And it will neatly show each car in
order. For example scroll down to your favorite car (Mercedes Benz clk_gtr) and
change your favorites car price and nfs price to zero.
Note: when u change nfs price to zero the nfs edition car will cost only 2,000.
Then u can change all of them. Get out of the folder and save when it asks u and
exit everything out. Click on your game and single race and if u want to change
track it will be on 0 just unlock it without paying and something with the cars
except nfs edition.

Easy Quota races:
To win the many Quota races do the following. When you see the car you are chasing,
do not put your sirens on immediately because the car will try to escape. Wait until
you are directly behind him, then put your sirens on. By doing this you can catch
the car faster. This works 95% of the time.
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